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Work Smarter – Not Harder – with Modern Permitting and Licensing

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Frustration and confusion are the sentiments felt most acutely by developers, businesses, and residents when submitting applications to their town, city, or county for permits or licenses.t doesn’t have to be that way.

Innovative local government leaders are adopting modern solutions to take steps out of their workflows and improve transparency to future proof their government and improve applicant experience. This leads to better and smarter workflows that lighten workloads for staff and inspectors.

They are also ensuring higher quality inspections by eliminating manual and redundant paperwork, reducing the need for trade-offs.

Hear from our experts Jason Winters, Township Manager, Hempfield Township, PA and OpenGov’s Tom Crosby to learn:
checkmark-0.png How collaborative workflows reduce application timelines by over 50% while improving quality and transparency
checkmark-0.png What Hempfield Township, PA is doing to modernize permitting and licensing to attract developers and new residents
checkmark-0.png Why permitting and licensing workflows are a good place to start with transforming all core local government workflows (from Procurement to financial management and accounting)

  • Jason M. Winters, Township Manager, Hempfield Township, PA
  • Tom Crosby, Senior Solutions Engineer, OpenGov

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