8 Unique Challenges for County Governments and How to Address Them

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County governments are responsible for managing, solving, and communicating about many of the most important issues facing the United States in the 21st century. They deserve a modern toolkit to do so.

Counties across the country face their own challenges unique among other government entities. They are tasked with unfunded state mandates, increased stress on detention centers, public health and safety initiatives, pension issues, and funding education. Given their diverse set of responsibilities, increasing the efficiency of the budgeting process, implementing a robust performance management program, and proactively steering the conversation with internal and external stakeholders is more necessary now than ever.

Read this eBook to learn best practices for:
  • Dealing with unfunded State mandates
  • Managing detention centers and jail populations
  • Providing healthcare and responding to crises like the opioid crisis
  • Managing incorporated and unincorporated areas
  • And more!

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