Enabling Millennials in Government

Administrator's Primer

Why you need technological innovation to attract and empower the next generation of leaders

  • Baby boomers with immense institutional knowledge are retiring in waves. Over 10,000 turn 65 every day. Meanwhile, governments face challenges attracting and training millennials – the next labor force. Only 12% of the local government workforce are under thirty, compared to 28% in the private sector.

    Pension issues aside, mass retirements will cease to be a problem when governments figure out how to attract, train, and retain millennials.

    Millennials have vastly different attitudes, expectations, and habits than previous generations. Governments that act now and embrace technological innovation can seize a unique opportunity to solve the problem.

  • In this Administrator's Primer, you will learn:

    • How your government has a unique opportunity to attract millennials and ensure future success.

    • How technology drives a succession planning strategy designed to attract and retain millennials.

    • How to design a knowledge transfer process that suits millennials’ learning needs.

    • How reporting performance measures to show employees' impact on the community can increase the number of young Americans excited about a career in government.

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