The Buyer's Guide
to Management Reporting Software

8 Features Your Management Reporting Software Needs
  • Financial and performance data is often siloed within departments, trapped within disparate systems, and difficult to compile across funds. Specialists frequently must run the necessary queries and manipulate the information in Excel, slowing things down.

    Management Reporting provides decision-makers across the government with financial and operational reports that contain relevant, actionable insights. These reports intuitively present complex information to both maximize understanding of current and historical performance, and inform planning. Management reports are up-to-date, reliable, and convey short, medium, and long-term value.


    • How people across any government benefit from effective management reporting.

    • Why getting management reporting right is more important than ever for governments.

    • The 8 features to look for when evaluating management reporting software.

    Along the way, we’ll share stories from governments of all sizes on reporting problems and how bold administrators and managers solved them.

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