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The Digital Transformation of Public Administration

How Technology Improves Effectiveness and Builds Public Trust

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Competent administration fuels effective government. Policymaking and administration involves developing strategic plans and budgets to implement them, executing on strategy then reporting and analyzing outcomes, and communicating information to elected officials and citizens. Scholars, organizations such as ICMA and GFOA, and government leaders have spent decades developing best practices for each step of this government management life cycle.

But, because of technology barriers many governments face, these best practices are sometimes impossible to implement.

Many governments struggle to plan and build budgets collaboratively, operate and share information with management reporting, and communicate with citizens using open data. While public administrators strive to serve citizens as successfully as possible, outdated government technology often impedes efficient administration.

Modern software breaks these barriers.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Improve strategic planning and budgeting with the right technology.
  • Enhance reporting and analysis based on organizational goals.
  • Communicate budget and performance insights to internal stakeholders and citizens.

Read this guide to see how modern technology fosters effective, efficient government.


“Too often the open government movement addresses transparency alone. This publication by OpenGov ties together the many important results of this movement, showing how citizen engagement, better budgeting, tracking and performance management, and other resulting benefits all produce the trust necessary for a high functioning, democratic government.”

- Stephen Goldsmith, former Mayor of Indianapolis and Harvard Kennedy School of Government Professor

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The Digital Transformation of Public Administration