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Discovering the Next Generation of Open Data

How a New Approach to Open Data Will Transform Government and Society

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As society faces a range of complex challenges, successfully leveraging data to understand and inform decisions is critical. Next generation open data solutions have the potential to unlock trillions in untapped economic value by delivering that data. But without the public sector, unlocking this value is impossible. Positioned at the intersection of society’s key stakeholders, governments can both provide and use the data that will power technology, inform operations, facilitate communications, and ensure greater accountability.

The previous generation of open data emerged over the last decade, promising a bold, ambitious, and robust future. However, it fell short of those promises because the mere act of moving data online did little to ensure anyone actually used it.

Far more flexible, cost-effective, and purpose-driven, the next generation of open data is built for use. It multiplies data’s value exponentially because it can power endless use cases for society’s critical stakeholders – citizens, the media, non-profits, businesses, and governments.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What’s different about next generation open data, and why it matters.
  • Who uses open data and how.
  • How opening data will help the public sector unlock trillions in economic value.
  • How a variety of public agencies have successfully implemented a range of open data solutions.

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Discovering the Next Generation of Open Data