How SaaS is Modernizing GovTech

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Having a modern, scalable underlying technology stack is critical to ensure your government budgeting and performance software grows with your growing community and changing needs.

A transformation is coming to gov-tech as technology that allows government applications to update continuously, scale, integrate, react at lightning speed, have exceptional user interfaces, and be able to handle modifications, updates, and upgrades with minimal to no IT intervention. 

In this ebook, you will learn:
  • An overview of new technologies, coding languages, and more that will change the GovTech space like Dockerization, Kubernetes, React and Redux.
  • An honest look at the following software implementation styles: On-Prem, Single-Tenant, and Multi-Tenant
  • Difference between old-school and new-school government technology - and what that means for your government
  • How new technologies will benefit your government and make life easier on your IT team

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Download the eBook