Surviving the Recession: How Technology Can Help Your Government Keep Moving Forward

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The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting shelter-in-place orders spawned a sharp economic downturn affecting all facets of the public and private sectors. This quickly became a deep recession for local governments across the nation. Agencies are feeling the effects of remote-work and social distancing in the ways their teams communicate, collaborate, and manage. At the same time, resource constraints will only worsen, increasing the pressure to hire well, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

This recession will call for tough and smart decisions, and the right supporting technology will be more necessary than ever to confront these challenges and do better with less.

Focusing on local governments, this eBook looks at the:

  • Immediate economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Forecasting the economic recovery over the next few years
  • Critical advantages of modern technology for ever-leaner governments
  • Operational flexibility possible with cloud-based platforms

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