The Administrator's Guide to Improving Council-Manager Relations With Technology

Maintaining a productive relationship with your governing
body isn’t easy. But without the right tools, implementing ICMA’s best practices is almost impossible. Technology can serve as a powerful ally in your efforts to strengthen your relationships with elected officials. The emergence of platforms built from the ground up for public sector budgeting, operating, and communication, is enabling managers to engage governing bodies like never before.
  • IN THIS GUIDE, you’ll learn how, with the right technology, you can:

    • Improve public meetings.

    • Regularly update councilmembers to build trust and buy-in.

    • Streamline orientations for candidates and new members.

    • Better implement your governing body’s policy decision.
    • Rebut rumors and conspiracy theories that may influence your council.

    Read this guide to learn how you can improve your relationship with elected officials by using modern technology.

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