Introduction to Modern Government Permitting and Licensing

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Clear, efficient processes that ease communications between departments, reducing needless steps, and save time on application approvals is the hallmark of modern government permitting and licensing.

Such as having to correct mistakes on permitting application forms or scan paper-based plans, that often extend the time it takes to issue approvals. As more attention is being given to improving the constituent experience or treating constituents as “customers,” city leaders are leveraging modern permitting and licensing solutions to ensure that applicants—contractors, homeowners, and entrepreneurs—understand permitting and license costs and requirements up front, and can conveniently apply for them online at anytime.

Whether in a small, rural town of 7,000 or a large, metropolitan city experiencing a boom in development and population growth, many city leaders are surprised to learn how deeply impactful permitting processes can be on a number of important initiatives.

Read this eBook to learn how modern government Permitting and Licensing can help:

  • Attract more community development opportunities
  • Streamline inspections
  • Increase constituent satisfaction
  • Promote environmental sustainability
  • Make smarter decisions for community policy

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