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Making Public Sector Performance Management a Reality

Why measuring, planning, and budgeting based on performance is more feasible than ever.

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For more than a century, public sector organizations have chased viable, feasible performance management solutions. Fueled by the desire to improve services and respond to changing needs, their attempts to manage performance systematically repeatedly fell short due to insurmountable barriers. For too long, measuring and budgeting based on performance were simply out of reach.

In this complete primer on the current state of Government Performance Management, you’ll see how agencies are incorporating ICMA and GFOA best practices into their performance management initiatives and why managing organizational performance is now more feasible than ever before.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How the included maturity model increases organizational capacity for true performance management.
  • Why measurement and budgeting are usually the weakest links in a performance-based program.
  • Why today’s most critical policy challenges demand a dynamic, modern approach to managing performance.
  • How approaching performance management as a process is benefitting governments of all sizes.

Revolutions in information management systems, cloud computing, and communications are putting relevant data at decision-makers’ fingertips. They’re more accountable and effective with the information they need when they need it, rooting both day-to-day adjustments and long-term planning in performance.

Download your free copy of Making Public Sector Performance Management a Reality now to learn how these game-changing developments are making true performance management a reality.

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Making Public Sector Performance Management a Reality