Measure What Matters: 5 Performance Management Best Practices

with Danny Fuchs, HR&A Advisors

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Looking to refine your performance management practices?

Public sector performance management has long held the promise of improving efficiency, productivity, and community outcomes. Many jurisdictions have explored or even taken steps towards implementing performance management programs, yet few have been able to claim success. The challenges are both organizational and technical.

Those agencies that have launched performance measurement initiatives recognize the benefits are great. Yet many organizations encounter the harsh reality that the practice is complex, requires discipline, and evolves over time. Key data has unclear owners and isn’t easily accessed. Metrics are complex and don’t always reflect the reality of real-world work. Increasing focus on outputs can distract from higher order outcomes. And a lack of easy-to-use tools makes it hard for the average non-technical user to manage the process.

Download the eBook Measure What Matters: 5 Performance Management Best Practices to explore tips from Danny Fuchs of HR&A Advisors centered on:

  • Developing KPIs to measure your organization
  • Engaging the community to measure “success”
  • Sample focal areas to judge citizen happiness

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