Modern Workforce Planning: Overcoming Challenges in Government Operations

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Tired of managing your workforce planning through spreadsheets and manual processes? OpenGov is here to help.

Government leaders tasked with workforce planning are battling against legacy systems and Excel-based processes that are susceptible to mistakes, which cause headaches for HR professionals and finance department heads alike.

We thought it was time for our modern leaders to have modern solutions. You shouldn’t have to worry about your spreadsheet crashing or making a critical calculation error when trying to manage your workforce. That’s why we developed a robust solution of everything you need to plan accordingly, synthesize your workforce to the budget development, and then align your budget to strategic initiatives of the future.

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  • Ways in which you can avoid common challenges of workforce planning
  • What to look for when considering your next workforce planning solution
  • How modern workforce planning is tied to the budget
  • What a successful workforce solution looks like

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