2018 Trend to Watch: Open Impact

How governments can use open platforms, modern budgeting, and a focus on performance to drive better decisions and outcomes

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Can government leaders make a bigger difference in the lives of those they serve? Is there a way to improve the work of government that produces better outcomes? The answer to both is absolutely.

It’s called the Open Impact Movement, a new approach to governing that is characterized by:

  • Embracing open technology platforms for efficiency and inclusive communication
  • Modernizing the budgeting process for greater effectiveness
  • Focusing on performance measurement to set and track priorities

Based on research within a customer base of 1,800 state and local governments, OpenGov found Open Impact leaders are experiencing faster, more impactful data-driven decisions and better outcomes.

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  • How Open Impact focused governments experience a 50% reduction in time spent budgeting
  • Why Open Impact has the power to free up 1-2% of the budget for re-allocation
  • The 3 steps you can take today to start implementing an Open Impact approach in your government

Don't settle for outdated methods any longer. You can drive greater impact.

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2018 Trend to Watch: Open Impact