The Online, Interactive Budget Book: Going Beyond The Numbers

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For decades the weighty, multi-hundred page printed budget book has been the unassailable standard. After all, what alternatives were there?

This eBook shows how the online interactive budget book can deliver in these 4 key uses:

checkmark-0.png A Policy Document
An established budget book provides a consistent place that the community can go to where they know what information they are viewing is true, comprehensive, and current.

checkmark-0.png A Financial Plan
An online interactive budget book helps connect your data to community initiatives and priorities.

checkmark-0.png An Operations Guide
An effective online budget book will have clear, clickable table of contents that can instantly take the reader to where they want to go to learn more.

checkmark-0.png A Communications Device
More and more, people are receiving, and expecting to receive, their information online. Governments are no exception.

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Download the eBook