3 Easy Ways to Introduce the Open Impact Movement to Your Government

As a citizen, you have the power to inspire positive change in your local government. The Open Impact movement is a new approach to governing that empowers public servants to make a bigger impact, resulting in better outcomes for communities. This growing movement is led by forward-thinking government leaders and informed citizens across the country.

How does Open Impact work?

Open Impact uses open technology platforms, a modern approach to budgeting and a focus on performance to enable governments to move faster and make better decisions. This results in tax dollars spent where they generate the greatest impact.

What is OpenGov's role?

OpenGov empowers governments that want to join the Open Impact movement by providing the technology to adopt an Open Impact approach.

Want to introduce Open Impact to your government?

  1. Download our email/letter template and send it to your City Manager and/or County Manager.
  2. Attend your next council meeting and ask:
    • Are we using open platforms for financial transparency data?
    • Have you modernized our budgeting process?
    • What kind of performance measurement is being used?
    • Are you aware of the Open Impact movement?
  3. Contact OpenGov (OpenImpact@opengov.com) with the name of your City Manager/County Manager, and our team will follow up with them letting them know that a concerned citizen requested a consult.

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