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Technologies That Will Change GovTech

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Unlike the private sector, the wave of SaaS and cloud software innovation is only just beginning to hit the public sector.

A transformation is coming to gov-tech as technology that allows government applications to update continuously, scale, integrate, react at lightning speed, have exceptional user interfaces, and be able to handle modifications, updates, and upgrades with minimal to no IT intervention.

In this on-demand webinar, listeners will learn:
  •  An overview of new technologies, coding languages, and more that will change the GovTech space like Dockerization, Kubernetes, React and Redux.
  • An honest look at the following software implementation styles: On-Prem, Single-Tenant, and Multi-Tenant
  • Difference between old-school and new-school government technology - and what that means for your government
  • How new technologies will benefit your government and make life easier on your IT team

Meet the speakers

Nicole Guttridge (OpenGov customer)
IT Administrator, City of Elk Grove, CA

Nicole has worked at the City since 2002. She graduated from Oregon State University with a Business Administration degree that included an option in Management Information Systems. Her minor in multi-media has proved useful when looking for user-friendly ways to display data. She enjoys collaborating with staff to solve problems and tackle big ideas with the help of technology.

Over time, Nicole’s big projects have evolved from converting data into software programs to managing the City’s IT department and budget. Last year, Nicole was a part of Elk Grove’s Bloomberg Foundation Mayor’s Challenge team where she had the opportunity to consider new ways to address affordable housing problems with technology. The project offered private sector dollars to encourage out of the box thinking and risk taking. Diving deeper into how we think and process data was a key project takeaway for Nicole that has become a skill she uses every day to create new workflows and processes using technology.

Deepak Alur
VP of Engineering, OpenGov

Deepak leads the engineering team at OpenGov and brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise software and building high-performance teams. Prior to OpenGov, he led engineering at Anaplan (IPO). He was a co-founder of Chartcube (acquired by Anaplan), Tuplejump (acquired by Apple), and VP of Engineering at JackBe (acquired by Software AG). Deepak was a principal architect at eBay and Sun Microsystems where he co-authored the Core J2EE Patterns book. Deepak holds 18 patents and a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Mysore.

Ted Pibil.jpeg
Ted Pibil
Business Development Director, OpenGov

Ted has 25 years of Information Technology experience including six years in the public sector. Before joining OpenGov, Ted served as the Chief Information Officer and Director for the Office of Information and Communication Technology department of Hartford County, Maryland, where he managed all IT strategic planning, implementation and support for the county. Previously, he held executive and senior level positions at several software development companies including two in the financial sector. He holds a BS from Towson University in Maryland.

Ashwani Wason
Senior Director of Engineering Operations, OpenGov

Ashwani is the Senior Director of Engineering Operations at OpenGov, responsible for Infrastructure, CI/CD, DevOps, Security/Compliance, and Quality/Release/Support workflows. His interests and focus areas have always been in systems and networking. He started at OpenGov in early 2018. Before that, he was at Citrix Systems, Inc. where he was leading the development of telco feature-set in NetScaler ADC, specifically its TCP optimization capabilities and base platform components of NetScaler's SaaS offerings. He joined Citrix through its acquisition of Bytemobile, Inc. which was a leader in video optimization and traffic management solutions for telecom operators. At Bytemobile, he built its platform, operating system, and networking team from the ground up.

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Technologies that will change GovTech