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Best Practices for Modernizing Constituent Services Through Online Permitting

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Are your processes meeting the expectations of your citizens?

Local governments still using paper-based permitting processes present a challenge to their residents - the only way to get the permits and licenses they need is in person during limited hours, when most people have to be at work. This stands in stark contrast to an increasingly online life of constituents across the nation where most other facets of their lives can be managed online, at any time of the day, in an interactive and intuitive manner.

Complex processes and outdated interfaces make it difficult for constituents to find the information they need to apply online—which is the first place that many residents are now starting their search. In this rapidly evolving world, these antiquated systems are costing cities by negatively impacting community development, compliance, and revenue generation.

That’s why municipal leaders are increasingly focused on delivering a seamless customer experience with modern, cloud-based technology solutions like Opengov PLC (Formerly Viewpoint Cloud). By providing online access to permit and license requirements via 24/7 public portals, guiding constituents through their applications with easy step-by-step instructions, and offering flexible payment options, municipal leaders can prepare their departments with the tools and processes needed to effectively serve 21st-century populations.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • Best practices for communicating permit and license requirements
  • How to design user-friendly platforms to help constituents complete permit applications
  • Strategies to assess your team’s readiness to transition to cloud-based permitting processes

Dan Ralley Upper Arlington

Dan Ralley, Assistant City Manager
City of Upper Arlington, Ohio

Bharat Gami

Bharat Gami, Chief Building Official
City of Stamford, Connecticut

Carl Anderson Opengov
Carl Anderson, Senior Municipal Relationship Manager

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Best Practices for Modernizing Constituent Services Through Online Permitting