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Best Practices to Manage Economic Development

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Faced with tightening budgets due to struggling local economies and shrinking state and federal funds, local leaders around the country are increasingly looking to economic development initiatives and smart growth strategies to increase local resources and revenues.

While successful economic development will grow your population, resources, and revenues, it also brings a host of new challenges and changes to your government and your community that must be managed. Higher populations and new businesses will grow the local government budget, but that budgetary growth must be optimally managed and allocated. Additionally, the host of changes that economic development brings must be tracked, reported on, and communicated to internal and external stakeholders like your council and your residents. Having clear goals, a plan for managing your growth and buy-in from all internal and external stakeholders is key to harnessing all of the positive aspects of economic development and avoiding some of the common pitfalls that can arise from lack of oversight, alignment, and communication.

This webinar will cover:
  • Best practices for setting goals and measuring progress continually
  • Best practices to proactively communicate plans and progress
  • How to communicate economic development initiatives leveraging financial data and narratives to explain potential impacts to the community and internal stakeholders
  • Strategies to garner support for economic development initiatives
  • How modern software can help collaboratively set goals, measure progress, and take charge of the conversation within your government and the community


Brenda Joseph,
Budget Analyst
City of Pompano Beach
View their budget website here 

Matt Stull, Account Executive

Josh Ellars,
 Head of Marketing

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Best Practices to Manage Economic Development