The Changing Face of Digital Government


Governments are increasingly called on to solve difficult problems for their constituents and deliver critical services using limited resources. However, for too long, the tools governments need to centralize their data and gain new operational intelligence – enabling better service provision – haven’t existed.

The emergence and widespread adoption of new government-focused innovations is changing this trend. From delivering rapid data-driven insights to managers and legislators to enhancing public trust, governments of all sizes are leveraging these powerful technologies and benefitting their entire organization.

In this video, Stephen Goldsmith, the former Mayor of Indianapolis and current Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government joins OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman and Co-Founder Nate Levine, to discuss the challenges governments face in the digital age and how OpenGov, the leading cloud platform for financial and performance reporting, budgeting, and transparency, helps leaders solve them.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How OpenGov can help your government identify and respond to serious and complex challenges such as ensuring fiscal sustainability in a period of rising pension costs and maintaining infrastructure.
  • How leading governments are streamlining operational reporting, enhancing the budget process, and building public trust with OpenGov.
  • How emerging developments in fields such as data science will inform and enhance benchmarking and budgeting across the government.
  • Stephen Goldsmith

    Stephen Goldsmith is the Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in American Government Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He directs Data-Smart City Solutions, a project to highlight local government efforts to use new technologies that connect breakthroughs in the use of big data analytics with community input to reshape the relationship between government and citizen. He previously served as Deputy Mayor of New York and Mayor of Indianapolis. Stephen has also written multiple books on smart cities and data-driven government.

  • Zac Bookman

    Zac Bookman is the CEO and Co-Founder of OpenGov. Before OpenGov, Zac served as Advisor to U.S. Army General H.R. McMaster on the Transparency task force at the ISAF headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. Zac also clerked for the Honorable Sandra S. Ikuta on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. As a Fulbright Fellow, he also studied corruption in Mexico. Zac holds a JD. from the Yale Law School, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a BA from the University of Maryland.

  • Nate Levine

    Named to the 2014 Forbes “30 Under 30” list, OpenGov Co-founder Nate Levine is a decorated researcher and transparency thought leader. Before OpenGov, Levine co-founded and served as President of California Common Sense, where he established California’s first-ever data transparency portal and built a brand of research excellence. Nate studied engineering at Stanford University.