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Citizen Engagement Strategies for the Digital Era

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77% of Americans now have a smartphone and 70% are on social media1. This rapid rise in online connectivity is dramatically altering citizen expectations of governments while giving rise to exciting new ways for agencies to engage with their constituents.

But not all approaches to citizen engagement are equal and effective. A modern approach to citizen engagement requires an agency to take a dual-approach: publish accurate, up-to-date, information for public consumption and pull feedback and insights from the public to get a pulse of the community’s needs. This dual approach to citizen engagement is most achievable when you combine digital strategies with traditional public meetings and information publishing.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to assess your agency’s readiness for digital citizen engagement
  • The 5 pitfalls to online citizen engagement you must avoid (and how)
  • Why digital citizen engagement should be a priority for your agency

Presented By:

Mike Cohen
Citizen Engagement Subject Matter Expert

Mike Cohen, MBA, is a co-founder of Peak Democracy Inc which was acquired by OpenGov Inc in October 2017. Peak Democracy's flagship product, Open Town Hall, is the leading online citizen engagement service for public agencies. Open Town Hall has been used by hundreds of government agencies to power over 4,000 online forums that have attracted over half a million online attendees. These government collaborations have enabled Mike to develop an expertise in the best practices of how online civic engagement can be used to augment and diversify citizen engagement - in ways that increase public trust in government.


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Citizen Engagement Strategies for the Digital Era