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Delivering the Next Generation of Open Data with OpenGov

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Over the last decade, many open data solutions fell short of their bold and ambitious promises for the future. They promised interconnected data systems and widespread access to big data that a thriving citizen hacker ecosystem would turn into unparallelled citizen engagement. Instead, many first-generation open data portals only delivered on the promise of migrating files online. Well-intentioned but largely unusable these open data portals became unintentional data graveyards.

With a focus on usability, OpenGov has reimagined and developed the next generation of open data. Unlike rigid proprietary options whose development is closed and slower, OpenGov’s open data solution is powered by open source CKAN, which benefits from a vibrant developer community that produces frequent updates. This offers greater flexibility around technical development and maintenance. In this webinar, learn how OpenGov Open Data is already delivering on the promise of open data that is useful, usable, and used for governments that want to enable data-driven decision-making, increase connectivity, and power economic development.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What’s different about next generation open data, and why it matters.
  • Why open source CKAN is technically superior to proprietary open data options.
  • How OpenGov Open Data™ supports larger public sector data ecosystems.
  • Which governments have embraced next generation open data and how.

Presented By:

Joel Natividad
Director of Open Data, OpenGov

Joel Natividad is OpenGov’s Director of Open Data. He is a member of the CKAN Association’s Steering Group, and his team at OpenGov is a major contributor to CKAN’s code base. Joel spent nearly 15 years leading various teams that created and supported knowledge management solutions. He is also a charter member of the Open Semantic Data Association Steering Committee, and a two-time winner of NYCBigApps - the largest, longest running open data challenge in the world

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Delivering the Next Generation of Open Data with OpenGov