Do More with Less:
5 Successful Strategies from Finance Leaders


Is your organization constantly striving to do more with less? Almost universally, public sector agencies now operate under conditions where every dollar and minute must go further. At the same time, they strive to sustain high-quality services for their residents. That dynamic presents an apparent resource paradox – governments everywhere are striving to operate better, faster, and cheaper.

Technology solutions offer the opportunity to upend the paradox. The right technology enables public sector leaders to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the resources required for information collection, storage, and analysis. That, in turn, frees up time and funds, and makes the necessary information available to inform effective decision-making.

Hear from local government finance officers whose agencies have successfully adopted the OpenGov Smart Government Cloud™ in this webinar recording. They share their strategies, experiences, and advice for doing more with less to deliver more effective outcomes for their organizations.

In this video, you will learn:

  • 5 modern approaches to streamlining traditional finance operations.
  • Technology strategies for better budgeting, faster collaboration, and easier information sharing.
  • How governments are using OpenGov to save time, monitor financial performance, and inform their decision-making.
  • How cloud-based software reduces technology costs compared to on-premise software.

  • Kimberly Ruesch, Administrative Services Director
    Washington, UT

    For Kimberly Ruesch, it’s a life that revolves around three Fs, Faith, Family and Finances. A wife and mother of three, it was her love for service and numbers that made local government a natural fit. Currently serving as Washington City, Utah's Administrative Services Director, Kimberly has been employed by the City for over 20 years Kimberly has had the pleasure of serving in public works, utility billing, treasury management, finance, and administration, as Washington City has grown from a population of 7,000 to over 23,000.
  • Maria Zuniga, Budget & Business Improvement Administrator
    Bernalillo County, NM

    Maria Zuniga has 16 years of experience in county government, including managing a $500+ million budget, leading large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation and management, and conducting performance management and strategic planning. She led the implementation of Bernalillo County’s transparency and performance management initiative using the OpenGov platform, including developing dashboards for each of the county’s 35 departments and featuring approximately 300 performance measure graphs.
  • Connie Maxwell, Budget Director, Burnet, TX

    Connie Maxwell joined the City of Burnet, Texas in 2004, and she currently serves as the city’s Budget Director. She is a Certified Government Finance Officer and holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of North Texas.

Do More with Less: 5 Successful Strategies from Finance Leaders

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