Extend the Life of Your
Accounting System


Learn how government leaders are accelerating decision making with OpenGov

You need your accounting system more than ever. Governments must inform decisions with data and insights as they face tightening resources. Although even the oldest accounting system logs transactions, when it comes to creating and sharing reports essential for management, no matter your system’s age, it siloes data and creates roadblocks.

ERP systems often lack the reporting tools necessary to inform management and guide key decisions, creating a continuous need to manually pull data into Excel to prepare reports and answer common questions. Switching ERPs will not solve this problem.

This video features case studies from municipal leaders Patti Hetrick and Connie Maxwell on how they are using new cloud-based reporting and analytics software to fulfill their agency’s reporting and analysis needs without switching or upgrading ERP/accounting systems.

This video demonstrates how you can use OpenGov to:

  • Simplify management reporting for the entire organization
  • Support your budget teams with better information
  • Streamline your annual audit process

  • Patti Hetrick

    Patti Hetrick is the Budget Director for Anoka County, the fourth largest county in Minnesota. She entered public service eleven years ago after holding multiple positions in private sector auditing and consulting. Patti graduated from Luther College with degrees in Accounting and International Business. Anoka County received an Award of Excellence from the GFOA in 2012 for a " Video that Brings the Budgeting Process to Life for its citizens."

  • Connie Maxwell

    Connie Maxwell is the Director of Budgets and Special Projects for Burnet, Texas. Connie holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of North Texas and is a Certified Government Finance Officer.

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