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Going Virtual: How to Enable Virtual Permitting From Beginning to End

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The world largely went virtual in 2020 because it had to. Luckily, technology was there to enable that. 

Local governments that offered virtual permitting and licensing in the pandemic were able to protect revenues and reopen businesses quickly. Now, many are making virtual inspections and digital plan reviews standard to lock in efficiency gains, improve quality, and delight their customers. 

Watch this webinar to hear how the Chief Building Official at Stamford, CT and the IT Director at South Kingstown, RI transitioned to virtual inspections and digital plan reviews.

Watch this webinar to learn:

checkmark-0.png How to move to fully digital plan reviews
Best practices for virtual inspections
How to transform your permitting, licensing, and code enforcement


Bharat Ghami, Chief Building Official
Stamford, CT

Lori Ann Fox, IT Director
South Kingstown, RI

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