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Modern Public-Sector Budgeting: The Why, What, and How

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For many governments, the budget process has been done the same way for a long time. Countless hours are spent on routine tasks and spreadsheet reconciliations when you could be having more strategic conversations about budget priorities. New approaches and technologies can enable a more efficient budget process, allowing you to develop a more effective budget.

Cloud-based software can modernize your budgeting process, saving time, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, and empowering data-driven decisions. But understanding what you should look for when assessing a new solution can be complicated. In this webinar recording we cover:

  • What modern budgeting for the public sector looks like
  • Core benefits of cloud-based budgeting software
  • Important points to consider when comparing vendors
  • Questions to guide conversation during product demos

You’ll get clear insight into what you should look for, what your software should be able to do for you, what to avoid, and how to choose software that fits your needs.

Presented By:

Charlie Francis
Director of Government Finance Solutions, OpenGov

Charlie Francis is a municipal finance expert. He has more than forty years of local government financial management experience in both the public and private sector, including twenty years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer. Most recently, he served as the Director of Administrative Services and Treasurer for the City of Sausalito where he earned the unofficial title of “OpenGov super user”. He has also served as a finance manager for the Town of Colma, CA and as CFO and acting City Manager for the Cities of Indian Wells, CA and Tracy, CA.

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Modern Public-Sector Budgeting: The Why, What, and How