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Modernizing End-to-End Budgeting: How San Benito and Tuolumne Counties are Getting More out of Their Budget

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San Benito County, winner of the CSAC Challenge Award, Government Finance, Administration & Technology, and Tuolumne County recently transformed their budgeting processes from start to finish to increase team productivity, collaboration, and improve the usefulness of their finalized budgets. With the right combination of vision, stakeholder buy-in, and technology, these two California counties saved valuable time during the budget process and improved the usefulness of the final budget for all stakeholders by publishing an interactive budget.

In this webinar you will learn:
checkmark-0.pngHow San Benito County and Tuolumne County transformed their budgeting processes to align with their strategic vision
checkmark-0.pngHow the Counties handled change management and what value the new processes brought to their respective teams
checkmark-0.pngFeedback from commissioners and community on their online interactive budget book
checkmark-0.pngBest practices they learned along the way


256px-Seal_of_Tuolumne_County,_California.pngEric Erhardt, Tuolumne County, CA
                                      Assistant County Administrator

 san benito.pngStewart Patri, San Benito County, CA
                                       Budget Officer

opengov-emblem-brand-blue-200x200.pngMark Welch, OpenGov
                                      Solutions Engineer                    

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