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Prepare Your Government to Take Advantage of the American Rescue Plan

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As cities and counties eagerly await guidance on allowable uses of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and specifically the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (CSLFRF), the urgency and size of these funds highlights that early planning and action are needed now to prepare local governments for the first tranche in mid-May. 

Watch this webinar to learn how leading cities and counties can streamline and enhance public engagement, reporting, planning, and the digital grant application process to help manage local ARP pass-through programs in your community. 

Leaders from Middlesex County, NJ and OpenGov discuss the ARP opportunity, how local governments can best prepare for ARP funds, their learnings and takeaways from managing CARES Act funds, and how Middlesex County plans to leverage OpenGov to take advantage of the ARP.

About Middlesex County

Middlesex County, NJ is experienced in distributing FEMA, CARES Act, and other grants effectively to ensure equitable distribution (and audit-ready reporting). Learn how the County’s finance team built efficient workflows for grant distribution and automated the reporting process.


Joe P.png
Joe Pruiti, CFO at Middlesex County, NJ

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John Pulomena, County Administrator at Middlesex County, NJ

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Almis Udrys
Director of Professional Services at OpenGov

Former Assistant Chief Operating officer for the City of San Diego, CA

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Monica Cook
Senior Manager, Solutions Engineer at OpenGov

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