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Workforce Planning in 2020: Best Practices in Modern Workforce Planning

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Personnel is often the most complex part of a government’s budget. Let’s talk about how to address its complexity with modern personnel budgeting.

Government leaders tasked with personnel budgeting often have to battle against legacy systems and Excel-based processes that are susceptible to mistakes, which cause headaches for HR professionals and finance department heads alike. It’s 2020, you shouldn’t have to worry about your spreadsheet crashing, someone changing a formula, or making a critical calculation error when trying to manage your workforce.

In this webinar, Thomas Leung, Senior Management Analyst at the City of Cupertino, CA and Eric Dropkin, former Budget Analyst at Cook County, IL, will explore some of the challenges faced when tasked with workforce planning, how they plan to solve those problems, and some of the best practices they have learned along the way.

Additionally, this webinar will cover:
  • An exploration of the deep link between workforce and budgeting
  • A discussion on moving to a position-based model vs. other workforce models
  • Best practices and modern solutions regarding workforce scenario analysis, integrated personnel budgeting, position requests, and employee cost calculations
  • And more!


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Thomas Leung, Senior Management Analyst
City of Cupertino
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Eric Dropkin, Former Budget Analyst at Cook County

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Workforce Planning in 2020