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Women Leading Local Government Transformation

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Advice for the Next Generation of Public Sector Leaders

There is not a single career that has gotten less complex, but the list of requirements for local government roles has arguably grown longer than others.

Join a panel of local government leaders to talk about the transformative changes needed to best serve our communities now and into the future, and how technology is empowering them to meet new challenges.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:
checkmark-0.pngWhat experience is critical to the resume of every great (future) government leader
checkmark-0.pngHow innovative leaders partner with peers across departments to drive change
checkmark-0.pngWhat can you start doing today to lead local government transformation in your city or county

  • Amber McClure, Solutions Architect, OpenGov; former Chief Budget Officer, Escambia County, FL

  • Elizabeth M. Tanner, Esq., Director, Department of Business Regulation, State Rhode Island
  • Jennifer L. Olzinger, CPPB, NIGP-CPP, Assistant Director/Procurement Manager at City of Pittsburgh
  • Johanna Hernandez, Deputy Director, Community Engagement at City of Tucson, AZ

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