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Focus on the Future: How the City of Irvine, CA Does Multi-Year Planning and Budgeting

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More local governments tell us they are unifying around long-term strategic priorities; however, a majority still report that annual planning and budgeting cycles are disconnected from these priorities, and short-term focus distracts from long-term objectives, according to the OpenGov State of Local Government Survey.

The City of Irvine, CA successfully broke the trade-off by adopting a multi-year workforce planning and budgeting approach to stay focused on long-term priorities.

Hear from our experts Jonathan Nih, Budget Officer for the City of Irvine, CA, and OpenGov’s Almis Udrys, former Assistant Chief Operating Officer for the City of San Diego, CA to learn how:
checkmark-0.png Governments across the US are maturing their budgeting processes;
checkmark-0.png The City of Irvine, CA brings multi-year planning into the budget cycle to protect long-term priorities;
checkmark-0.png OpenGov enables multi-year workforce planning and budgeting and strategic priorities 

  • Jonathan Nih, Budget Officer, City of Irvine, CA
  • Almis Udrys, Director of Professional Services, OpenGov

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