Beyond the Numbers

The Online Budget Book

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For decades the weighty, multi-hundred page printed budget book has been the unavoidable standard. After all, what alternatives were there? But in today’s fast-paced budgeting world, requiring a better view into results and impact, it no longer cuts it.

Learn how an interactive budget book can deliver in these 4 key uses, which also align with the GFOA’s criteria for an award-winning budget book.

  1. A Policy Document
    Provides a consistent place that the community can go to where they know what information they are viewing is true, comprehensive, and current
  2. A Financial Plan
    Helps connect your data to community initiatives and priorities.
  3. An Operations Guide
    Has a clear, clickable table of contents that can instantly take the reader to where they want to go to learn more
  4. A Communications Device
    Puts information online, where residents expect to get it
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