All Roads Lead to Procurement: Transit Authority Procurement Leadership Roundtable

Connect with Transit Authorities in the East

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Learn from a panel of transit authority leaders how they have modernized procurement processes to be a strategic function that keep their districts’ roadways, train lines, and other thoroughfares humming.

Watch this session to learn how procurement leaders are:
• Modernizing procurement processes with technology investments and process improvements
• Solving for the unique challenges of transit authority funding models with tools that ensure federal grant spending compliance and reporting;
• Raising the game of their teams and functions to the level of “key strategic partner” at the districts they serve.


Meagan V.jpg

Meagan Varney, Procurement & Compliance Specialist, Butler County Regional Transit Authority


Christina Harvey, Purchasing Agent, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority

Stephanie Hoke.JPG

Stephanie Hoke, Finance & Purchasing Manager, Lextran, KY

Hosted by Adam Butler:
Adam B.PNGAdam Butler, Solutions Engineer, OpenGov

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