The 10-Step Playbook for Quality Government Budgeting

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Here is your guide to up-leveling your budgeting and planning process and adhering to best practices throughout each step in your budget journey.

In a world of increasing scrutiny and public interest in local government budgets, a government's best defense is to take the offense with a strong conceptual budgeting vision tightly coupled to a realistic, pragmatic budget process and calendar with clear steps.

This eBook provides a 10-step framework for managing a successful budget cycle and also includes:
  • Best practices for each of the 10 budgeting milestones
  • Examples of governments that are innovating their budgeting process (and how they are doing it)
  • An in-depth discussion on long-term planning, capital planning, personnel planning, communications, and collaboration (and how this all fits in with your process)
  • Critical capabilities to look out for when evaluating budgeting and planning technology
  • And more!

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