CARES Act Funds for Cloud Technology

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Use CARES Act funds to move into the Cloud - here's how.

As governments wrestle with the multiple challenges of the pandemic, recession, and remote work, cloud technology (like OpenGov) is being put to work around the country today by states, counties, and cities, who are all using funding from the CARES Act to provide critical support across their operations:

1. Subrecipient Grant programs further distribute CARES Act funds to other agencies, businesses, and individuals

2. Remote work (telework) upgrades to ERPs to improve Coronavirus-related operating and planning capabilities

3. Virtual permitting, licensing, and code enforcement services necessary to the continuity of government

4. Virtual budget collaboration and community engagement

5. Transparency in CARES Act reporting

Read this eBook to see five specific examples of cities, counties, and states that have already used these funds to move to the Cloud with upgraded solutions for telework, subrecipient grants, citizen services, budgeting, and reporting. The book ends with a discussion of the CARES Act, and White House and Treasury guidance including the actual citations allowing this use-case.

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