A 5-Pillar Cloud Vision for the Government CIO

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The Coronavirus pandemic has tested every government agency across the nation and has shown that technologically-savvy and digitally-enabled governments have been better-positioned than those with legacy technology and outdated processes, all other factors being equal.

The crisis has shown that many ‘nice to have’ forward-looking technology initiatives can prove essential when you need to quickly provide online government services, manage grant funds, or maintain continuity of operations with a distributed team.

With this new reality in mind, this eBook will take a look at a 5-pillar cloud-vision for the modern government CIO as they look to:

checkmark-0.png Connect systems, processes, and departments throughout the organization
 Boost efficiency
 Liberate the current (and future) team from legacy systems
 Maintain a useful, reliable, and secure technology infrastructure
 Be a leader

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