From Passive to Proactive: Best Practices for Citizen Engagement

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Pro-active Citizen Engagement is more necessary now than ever.

Today’s citizens have a dizzying array of information and services at their fingertips. With a few clicks and swipes, citizens can transfer money, get answers to the most obscure questions imaginable, and even find and arrange romantic dates. Given the ubiquity of private services citizens can easily, and quickly, access online, citizens have come to expect a similar level of access and ease of use from the services they rely most heavily on - government. Your citizens' appetite for transparency, accessibility, and accountability is only going to continue to increase.

Moreover, the pervasiveness of social media has moved community conversations away from town hall meetings and onto the message boards of Facebook, NextDoor, and more. This presents a key challenge for governments today: how to pro-actively take control of the conversation and provide citizens with the information they desire, surrounded by the context that helps them understand the data they are receiving.

Download this eBook to learn:
  • How to tell if your government is passive, reactive, or pro-active with its citizen engagement (there is even a quiz to help you discover where you are on the spectrum!)
  • Best practices for becoming more pro-active with citizen engagement
  • All of the benefits of pro-active citizen engagement
  • Key technology features to help with internal and external communications
  • How to leverage your citizen engagement efforts and technologies to do other helpful things like reducing manual responses to FOIA requests

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