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The Comprehensive Guide to Cloud-Based Permitting

Evaluate Vendors, Overcome Internal Resistance, and Implement Successfully

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In 2020, many governments are choosing to invest in cloud-based permitting technology. Why? It’s a high-impact investment to improve both internal efficiency and customer satisfaction—offering a simple alternative to complex, outdated community development workflows. 

Even with so many benefits, overcoming organizational fears and resistance to change can be difficult. With insights from over 25 thought leaders across governments and the govtech industry, this guide shows you how to successfully lead a transition to cloud permitting in your community.

By the end of eBook, you'll walk away with:

checkmark-0.png New Strategies to evaluate cloud permitting software and vendors
 Best practices for building internal consensus and overcoming change resistance
 Strategies to successfully implement a new permitting technology
 Key indicators to demonstrate ROI to internal and public stakeholders alike

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