How To Drive Constituent Satisfaction Through Online Permitting and Licensing

In other words, how to make your government 'easy to do business with'

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Constituent expectations are changing with consumer trends. Amazon and Netflix are industry leaders when it comes to serving their customers quickly and efficiently. Constituents expect the same easy, intuitive and responsive user experience from government entities.

We’ve created the following eBook to help you better satisfy your community. We cover strategies for improved customer service, the current landscape of resident, business and staff expectations, what to look for when evaluating new permitting, licensing and code enforcement technology, and how other government agencies have successfully implemented a modern cloud-based solution in their communities.

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checkmark-0.png What ‘Easy to Do Business With’ means, and how to make your government easier to do business with
Best practices for driving increased satisfaction from residents, local businesses, and developers
How all of this can make your community a more attractive place to move, create a business, or pursue development
And more!

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