How to Measure and Share Success with Your New Permitting Platform

Using Data, Feedback, and Public Communication to Drive ROI

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Using Data, Feedback, and Public Communication to Drive ROI.

Investing in technology that allows residents to access most of your government’s resources online, 24 hours a day, is a very big deal. But after the initial celebration dies down post-implementation, how should your organization demonstrate your investment has actually paid off? Our latest resource helps you understand which data you should collect to ensure you’re able to measure improvement against baseline performance metrics, and how to communicate progress with residents moving forward.

We'll Cover the Following:

checkmark-0.png Embodying a Mindset of Continuous Improvement
 Using Data to Drive User Adoption in Pittsburgh, PA
 3 Strategies to Build Public Trust Through Communication
 Using Feedback to Drive Continuous Improvement in Hudson, OH

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