Use Cases for the 3 R's of Government Accounting

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Essential OpenGov Support for the Processes of Accounting: Recording, Reconciling and Reporting

This ebook, written by a 30-year veteran of Government Finance, is designed to give financial and executive leaders a deeper understanding of the OpenGov Cloud ERP platform, with a primary focus on the OpenGov Financials accounting suite.

It dives into the 3 R’s of Accounting (Recording Financial Activity, Reconciliation and Analysis, and Reporting Results) and shows how a modern cloud ERP supports key functions within each, and the unique value that this type of technology provides for each of these functions including:

Daily Accounting Operations
Capital Improvement Projects
Grants Management
Accounting Close Cycles
Audit and CAFR Cycles
Budget to Actuals Reporting
Council Reporting and Transparency
And Many more

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