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The Accelerated Shift to Cloud Technology

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The current crisis is causing governments to re-think how they budget, plan, enable development, secure revenue streams, serve residents, and manage the day-to-day finances of the city. Even with reopening, many of the ways governments serve their communities will be forever changed. New fiscal realities raise the importance of strategic budgeting that connects financial information across functions to help local governments make smarter short-term tradeoffs and build and communicate long-term plans.

In order to meet these needs, governments need to go digital with modern strategies, processes, and technology.

So, how are governments going digital and what are their strategies?

Watch the webinar to hear Ken Fritz, an innovator and the County Administrator at Winona County, MN, as he talks about how to get started, where they are, and where they are going with the strategic and digital transformation they are undertaking in Winona County.


Ken Fritz,
County Administrator at Winona County, MN

Mark Welch, Former Finance Director at the City of Ashland, OR
Current Solutions Engineer at OpenGov

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