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OpenGov for Counties: Performance and Budgeting

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Looking to boost your performance management, streamline budgeting, and take control of the conversation around big topics in your county?

Counties across the country face their own challenges unique among other government entities. They are tasked with unfunded state mandates, increased stress on detention centers, public health and safety initiatives, pension issues, and funding education. Given their diverse set of responsibilities, increasing the efficiency of the budgeting process, implementing a robust performance management program, and proactively steering the conversation with internal and external stakeholders is more necessary now than ever.

With an integrated, cloud-based solution, you can streamline your budget process, save costs, reduce data prep time, implement a performance management program, and combine relevant data with context to educate the public on how you are addressing key strategic initiatives.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can:
  • Cut budget completion time and save associated costs (like saving a month off of the budget process or saving 1 FTE equivalent)
  • Take control of the conversation with internal and external stakeholders to communicate performance data along with necessary context
  • Improve decision making by uncovering trends in your data to drive future-year projections
  • Set the stage for a powerful performance management program

Meet the Speakers:

Robin Campbell
Assistant County Manager/Budget Director, Thurston County

Robin has over 30 years of experience in government finance, budget and performance management. She has been at Thurston County since 2010. She coordinates interdepartmental and intergovernmental projects, such as linking performance management to the county's strategic plan and is responsible for the development and monitoring of the $300 million Thurston County budget and associated policies, processes and procedures. 

Ken Fritz
County Administrator for Winona County, MN

Ken has over 32 years of local government experience. He currently services as the County Administrator for Winona County in Minnesota after spending over 28 years in Schaumburg, Illinois. He holds both an MPA and MBA in Public Administration and B.A. in Political Science from Northern Illinois.


Ted Pibil
Business Development Director, OpenGov

Ted has 25 years of Information Technology experience including six years in the public sector. Before joining OpenGov, Ted served as the Chief Information Officer and Director for the Office of Information and Communication Technology department of Harford County, Maryland, where he managed all IT strategic planning, implementation and support for the county. Previously, he held executive and senior level positions at several software development companies including two in the financial sector. He holds a BS from Towson University in Maryland.

Eric Mattson
Customer Success Manager, OpenGov

Eric is a Customer Success Manager for OpenGov, working with our cities, counties, and schools in Northern California, Idaho, Oregon, & Washington. He has been with OpenGov for 1 year, and is particularly interested in understanding how governments can improve their operations & public engagement using technology. Prior to joining OpenGov, Eric worked as an operations consultant for DaVita Medical Group, and in his spare time served as a policy advisor for Mayor Michael Tubbs in Stockton, CA and a local political campaign advocate in Denver, CO. He has spent time working in Washington, D.C. both on the Hill and in the Department of Agriculture, and holds a BA from Stanford University.

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OpenGov for Counties: Performance and Budgeting