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Optimizing Public Trust and Performance

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Earning and enhancing public trust and optimizing performance are central aims of many state agencies. Technology-driven transparency initiatives are foundational to building this trust and achieving your communication and performance objectives. These initiatives can not only deliver on your trust objectives, but they can also be leveraged to achieve additional budgeting efficiencies and give insights into the financial health of your agency. Join us as we show how OpenGov can drive these transparency initiatives and provide additional budgetary, performance and communications benefits.

After watching this webinar, you will learn:
  • Best practices for technology-lead transparency initiatives
  • Steps on how you can increase your national transparency rankings
  • How additional value can be gained by utilizing budget and performance data to better achieve efficiencies and monitor the financial health of your state and agency.
  • And more!

Jeni Campana, Highway Communication Services Manager
Nebraska Department of Transportation

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Dave Swanson, Strategic Account Executive



Adam Stone, Director, Solution Training & Innovation

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OpenGov for States: Optimizing Public Trust