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The Next Big Thing in Budgeting: The Interactive Budget

Best practices for Improving Your Budgeting and Reporting

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A better budgeting process, a better budget document, and modern reporting saves time and money, fosters collaboration, increases productivity, and builds both internal trust and external trust with your residents.

Join Lynne Martin, MIS Analyst at Town of Provincetown, MA and Mark Welch, former Finance Director at the City of Ashland, OR as they show how they improved their budgeting process, created some of the very first interactive budget documents in the nation, and up-leveled reporting efforts across their organizations. They will then look at what these efforts have meant to their team and their residents, and the best practices they have learned along the way.

Watch the Webinar and Learn:
  • Best practices for centralizing budgeting processes
  • How Lynne and Mark created a fully interactive budget for internal and external stakeholders...and what that meant for their team and their residents
  • Best practices for supporting cross-department collaboration in the budget process
  • A look at how Lynne and her team are planning to continue the modernization of their processes and technology.
  • How to create a central place for all departments to construct, evaluate and approve the budget, and what benefits this effort can bring to your team.
  • How they leveraged improved budgeting and reporting to centralize data in order to put up-to-date and important information at the fingertips of every department head


Lynne Martin, MIS Analyst
Town of Provincetown, MA
View their Online Interactive Budget here

Mark Welch, Former Finance Director
City of Ashland, OR

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