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How 500+ Local Governments Are Preparing for the Future

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500+ Local Governments weighed in on how they're planning for the future in our recent State of Local Government Survey.

Watch the webinar to hear the former Budget Director at the City of Minneapolis, Micah Intermill and OpenGov's Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Singer, review the recent State of Local Government survey findings from local government executive and finance leaders.

This webinar covers how local governments are:
checkmark-0.png Planning strategic initiatives and investments
Attracting top talent and increasing productivity amidst the pandemic
checkmark-0.png Improving the way they serve their communities
Viewing technology trends among their peers


Micah Intermill.png
Micah Intermill, OpenGov
(Former Budget Director at City of Minneapolis, MN)

Matt Singer.png
Matt Singer, OpenGov
Chief Marketing Officer

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