On-Demand Recording

Powering Better Performance in State Agencies with Accessible Data

On-Demand Recording

Increased efficiency. Greater transparency. Improved outcomes.

These are all overarching goals state leaders strive to achieve, but many are hindered by outdated technology that silos data and makes it difficult to gain insights, make critical decisions, align data with context, and communicate that information across departments and to your residents. To solve these challenges, states are prioritizing the use of the cloud through technologies like software-as-a-service, as evidenced by NASCIO’s Top 10 Priorities for 2019. Beyond top-level CIO mandates, key stakeholders across all departments are leveraging technology to improve outcomes and efficiency, from budget officers using new technology to improve their operation to treasurers or controllers improving their communications and transparency.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Government Technology to hear how state agencies can streamline and transform their end-to-end budgeting processes, seamlessly tie budget dollars to key organizational initiatives and draw actionable insights that maximize performance outcomes.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • Best practices for enhancing intra- and cross-departmental communication and collaboration
  • How state leaders can break down data silos to gain insights
  • How new integrated technologies can drive efficiency at the State level

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